Lessons from Travel Companies for Supporting Global CX
by Rebecca Ray, Hélène Pielmeier
October 30, 2015
October 30, 2015

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Travelers visit 22 sites on average before booking accommodations and contribute more than 80 entries to TripAdvisor every minute. CSA Research analyzed how travel and leisure (T&L) companies leverage multilingual content to support global customer experience (CX). Their challenges parallel those of other industries: quickly evolving customer preferences and expectations, brutal competition from well-funded local upstarts and disruptors, mobile, personalization, and Millennial preferences. Companies in retail, high-tech, consumer goods, life sciences, financial services, and manufacturing can learn from the areas in which T&L excels, as well as from their cautionary tales.

The research outlines:

  • How travel services firms integrate external data streams and third-party content to personalize the multilingual content experience
  • What other industries can learn from T&L for delivering high volumes of user-generated content (UGC) through real-time and post-edited machine translation
  • Guidelines for mobile-izing content
  • How to social-proof multilingual material
  • Language preferences of global Millennials
  • Why third-party validation can’t always ensure linguistic quality as personalization requirements increase
  • A phased approach for technology implementation to support multilingual personalization
  • Links to 56 language service providers and technology vendors with T&L  capabilities

  • Global Leaders
  • Technology Vendors
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Pages: 49

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