Common Sense Advisory places a high priority on the quality and accuracy of our research. When we become aware of oversights or a need for further clarification, we publish notifications expeditiously. Below, find a list of correction notices for our research publications to date. 

17 August 2015

24 July 2015

24 July 2015

  • A correction notice has been issued in the "TMS Customer Satisfaction" report. In that report, CSA Research analyzed the data using groupings based on when each system entered the market, rather than on its current architecture. This categorization proved confusing to some readers. Changes were made to help clarify the groupings.

26 June 2014

  • A correction notice has been issued for The Language Services Market: 2014, The Top 100 Language Service Providers: 2014, and The Top Language Service Providers in Asia in 2014 in relation to Honyaku Center Inc. Due to a data entry error, we published Honyaku’s revenue for the fiscal year 2013 as US$72.67 million, when it should have actually been US$87.72 million.

18 April 2014

5 June 2013

4 June 2013

3 June 2013

  • A correction notice has been issued for The Top Language Service Providers in Western Europe in 2013 and The Language Services Market: 2013 in relation to Lexitech. After the rankings were published, Common Sense Advisory was made aware that Lexitech had inadvertently stated the wrong amount – US$32.15 million – as its total revenue for fiscal year 2012. The company informed us that its actual revenue was only US$3.20 million. According to the corrected revenue figures, the company does not qualify to appear in the 2013 global ranking or in the regional ranking for Western Europe.

14 January 2012

  • In the post titled Language Line Services Acquires Pacific Interpreters, the headquarters location of Pacific Interpreters was changed to its correct location of Oregon instead of California. It was also amended to correct the company name of CTS Language Link.

20 November 2012

25 October 2012

  • We updated our report “Translation Pricing by Language Pair."  For some rate tables, rounding to the 100ths place created a zero value for the minimum price. We replaced the “0.00” value with “<0.01” to reflect the non-zero, albeit very low, prices provided by some respondents. A more detailed explanation of this change can be found in the updated Methodology section in the report. Please download the revised version at our website and delete the previous version.

2 June 2012

1 June 2012

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