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Five Tips to Develop the Skills of Your Salespeople
Posted by Hélène Pielmeier on April 13, 2015  in the following blogs: Translation and Localization
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Increasing sales is an evergreen topic for language service providers. Even when executives chart a solid course and have a solid sales structure and methodology in place, they always inquire on ways to get better and faster results when training rookies, bringing a struggling salesperson back on track, or trying to over-perform. Our research shows that sales manager at fast-growing LSPs observe the following best practices:

  • Communicate daily. Good sales managers interact with their sales team every single day. They are on top of the progress made, the characteristics of the leads in the pipeline, and the roadblocks that prevent some opportunities from progressing. Less involved managers often put in their two cents only after a sale is already lost and fail to identify weak pipelines or poor approaches early.
  • Invest in sales training. Successful sales teams are always on the lookout for more techniques to help them sell to their targeted clientele. They look beyond their own organization for fresh ideas and input. They don’t shy away from investing in external training to educate and inspire their workforce.
  • Provide practice opportunities. Good sales trainers use a combination of role-playing and scripts to practice the desired sales approach. They focus on how to handle objections that may arise at various parts of the sales process and how to highlight their company’s value proposition and benefits.
  • Hold brainstorming meetings. Salespeople benefit from collaborating on situations they encounter and how to handle them. They may discuss an important client meeting or calling on a hot prospect who isn’t making a decision. Such a forum enables team to share best practices, eliminate ineffective behaviors, and dissect successes and failures.
  • Refine the methodology. The most effective managers value following a sales approach that provides repeatable sales success. However, they never cease to improve the details of the methodology and of the sales messaging used when interacting with prospects. These changes feed the continuous cycle of training and mentoring.

Sales managers shape the success of the sales organization. It takes a solid strategy and messaging as well as time and effort to provide the right structure, tools, and resources needed for salespeople to thrive.

Take note: Don’t miss out on CSA Research’s two-day workshop on How to Become the Ultimate Salesperson. On the one hand, it presents an opportunity to boost the performance of less experienced salespeople. On the other hand, seasoned individuals will value the data-backed insights on the buyers and techniques adapted to the level of localization maturity of buyers.


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