Integrity policy


Common Sense Advisory treats each research undertaking with objectivity, independence, and a strong sense of ethics. Our integrity policy ensures that our research meets all of the following requirements:
Independence. To eliminate potential conflicts of interest, Common Sense Advisory does not publish white papers or participate in webinars that transfer editorial control to a third party. Organizations cannot “purchase” coverage from us. All Common Sense Advisory analysts must disclose financial relationships or transactions concerning any investment holdings related to the vendors they research. Common Sense Advisory's internal policies prohibit employees from accepting compensation from third parties, issuing endorsements, or joining vendor advisory boards.
Objectivity. Common Sense Advisory's research covers all suppliers and buyers in the language services industry, regardless of their status as clients. Any recommendations or opinions shared by Common Sense Advisory are fact-driven.
Accuracy. Common Sense Advisory publishes market size estimates for the core language industry sectors and update these on an annual basis. Factual mistakes are handled expeditiously and all corrections are immediately reported for internal review. All corrections are reported to members and the public at large. All written publications use the best data Common Sense Advisory has available at the time.
Confidentiality. All of Common Sense Advisory's dealings with clients are covered under confidentiality agreements. Common Sense Advisory oversees all research and does not outsource methodology development or research design to third parties. Common Sense Advisory does not reveal the identities of clients or the employees of client organizations without their express, written permission. Common Sense Advisory analysts clearly identify the purpose of their research conversations and exchanges, as well as their intended use.

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