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Case Study: Brand Awareness Study

"What do clients and prospects think about our company, and how do they find out about their language service providers (LSPs)? What marketing communications vehicles are we missing? How can we maximize our marketing budget to boost brand awareness?"
  • The client. A mid-sized language services provider (LSP) with accounts spread across numerous industry verticals.
    • The problem. The company wanted to know how effective their marketing initiatives had been up to date, whether or not their target clients knew their company name, and what brand attributes they associated with the company. They knew that a portion of their marketing spend was showing them a return on this investment, but did not know which budgetary allocation was yielding the best results.
    • The solution. Common Sense Advisory surveyed the company's clients and prospects in order to determine if these organizations had heard of the LSP, and if so, what their opinion was of the company. The survey also asked questions regarding the client companies' preferred communication channels and how they became aware of their LSPs. Using the information provided by Common Sense Advisory, the LSP was able to adjust its marketing budget and hire new marketing personnel with the skill sets that would help the company maximize its ROI and improve its brand presence among the most attractive verticals identified by the survey.
    Many language service providers (LSPs) have trouble determining their visibility among their target client bases. Contact us to learn how we can help.
    44 percent of translation buyers stay with their vendors for five years or more.

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