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Case Study: Competitive Analysis Study

"How do we rate compared to our competitors? What are our competitive differentiators, and what services and products are we missing in order to remain a viable contender in this market?"
  • The client. A large language services provider with more than US$14 million in total annual revenue from translation, interpreting, and other services.
    • The problem. The company wanted to better understand its market position as well as the competitive dynamics in both the government and commercial markets for its language services - including translation, localization, and interpretation.
    • The solution. Common Sense Advisory conducted interviews with company executives as well as many of its competitors, clients, and prospects in order to determine the areas of development the company would need to work on from a competitive standpoint in order to address both markets. Common Sense Advisory delivered an in-person presentation to company executives along with a detailed report outlining possible future scenarios for the company to explore. The company was able to devise a strategy with a full understanding of its strengths, weaknesses, and realities in the current competitive climate.
    Many language service providers (LSPs) lack the information they need in order to fully understand the competitive dynamics of the industry and their role as a market participant. Contact us to gain access to information that will help your language services business grow.
    The global market for language services will reach US$25 billion by 2013.

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