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Globalization Process Assessment and Recommendations

We understand the value of globalizing our business, but it's gotten out of control. What can we do to improve our language operations?
  • The client. A leader in networking with 70,000 employees and over US$40 billion in revenue.

  • The problem. The company used hundreds of translation suppliers across its many operating units, leading to redundancy, little or no leverage, delays, diminished quality, and higher costs.

  • The solution. Working with the leading stakeholder and chief marketing officer, Common Sense Advisory analyzed the company’s RFP process for technology, structure, and best practices. We recommended best practices and wording for service level agreements (SLAs) with suppliers and with buyers inside the company. We also evaluated the company’s technology stack and recommended alternatives and best practices. We also reviewed the satisfaction of internal clients and recommended changes to improve perception and productivity.

Many global businesses are reevaluating how they procure translation services. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your operations.

The cost of translation is minuscule compared to the revenue it can generate. Almost all firms reported that their cost of translation was far below 1% of total revenue.
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