Localization Maturity Assessment 

Have you optimized your return on your localization investment? Is your localization organization scalable? Do you have localization processes that are highly effective and efficient? Are you making best use of translation and localization technologies?

Successfully adapting products or websites for international use involves the careful orchestration of multiple processes, disparate technologies, and the people that use them. CSA Research developed the localization maturity model (LMM) to help organizations achieve the highest returns on their localization and translation investments. The LMM identifies each of the critical elements of localization and translation, analyzes its importance, and benchmarks progress across nine levels of process, technology, and organizational maturity.

CSA Research offers the Localization Maturity Assessment, a basic 360° review of the localization and translation function inside an organization. The Assessment may be limited to a single group, to a centralized localization and translation group, or to multiple groups carrying out this function across an enterprise. A Localization Maturity Assessment consist of the following steps, typically conducted over the course of four to six weeks:

  1. Engagement with the localization manager
  2. Evaluation of relevant materials (org charts, process docs, charters, etc.)
  3. On-site and remote interviews and surveys (with localization managers, their reports, their management, select executives, and major stakeholders)
  4. Analysis of acquired information, using the LMM as a guide
  5. Preparation of a report outlining issues, identifying major recommendations on improvement activities, and assessing the maturity level of the organization
  6. Optional presentations to various stakeholders 

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Douglas-Val Ziegler

Localization Maturity Assessment Specialist

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