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Case Study: Localization Infrastructure Optimization

"The volumes of our translation projects continue to grow, but we cannot hire any additional staff. How can we improve our processes to do more with less? What technologies can ease the burden?"
  • The client. A world leader in mobile communications with 58,000 global employees and more than US$40 billion in revenue.
  • The problem. The company faced a personnel shortage during a time of increased localization project activity and amidst a mandated hiring freeze. The firm was in need of a streamlined process for delegating or reassigning projects and tasks to other departments or employees, without compromising the integrity of the products or customer service.
  • The solution. Through stakeholder interviews, Common Sense Advisory found that a large amount of money had been invested in translation memory technology, but only one out of 25 possible users was actually taking advantage of this system. By implementing a series of changes to the translation workflow and changing its organization from a divisional approach to a shared services structure, the company was able to accommodate 300 percent more translation work without hiring any additional employees.
Many global businesses need support for optimizing their translation processes. Contact us to learn how we can help you improve efficiency.
Nearly 90 percent of companies outsource some or all of their translation and localization work.

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