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Case Study: Sales Team Development
"I have tried to build a sales team in the past, but I never seem to achieve anything but negative results. How can I spend less time selling, find high-quality salespeople, and hand off these sales tasks with confidence that they will help my business?"
  • The client. A language services provider (LSP) with US$8-10 million in annual revenue, primarily from translation and localization services.
    • The problem. The company was having problems with its sales team. Attrition had historically been high and the company had a string of bad experiences with hiring the wrong people. As a result, the owners were averse to the notion of a sales team, and tended to carry out most of the selling tasks themselves or place the responsibility on project managers who did not feel that this was part of their job description.
    • The solution. Common Sense Advisory interviewed the company's project managers and past sales managers. The results of the interviews showed that past sales managers had not been provided with support tools or training, and that these individuals lacked experience in the translation and localization fields. The LSP's project managers had experience in the industry, but lacked a sales background. Common Sense Advisory assisted the LSP with the development of a sales strategy and a detailed list of recommendations and next steps. Once a team of individuals had been successfully recruited, Common Sense Advisory delivered a sales training to help the team understand the market, competitive differentiators, and vertical-specific client needs.
    A large number of language service providers (LSPs) limit their growth by not hiring enough salespeople or not providing them with the right tools and training. Contact us to learn how to avoid these common mistakes.
    44 percent of translation buyers stay with their vendors for five years or more.

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