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Case Study: Translation Business Case

"We know how much it will cost to obtain translation services, but the amount falls outside of our budget. How can we build a business case to show that this spending is justified?"
  • The client. A global leader in products, services, and solutions  for information management and storage with US$10 billion in revenue and 26,500 employees in more than 100 offices in 50 different countries.
  • The problem. The company wanted to localize product literature for core international markets as sales support tools, but the estimated cost of translation and printing would reach US$2 million, which was outside of the marketing department’s budget. The firm did not have a business case for localizing the collateral.
  • The solution. After a comprehensive review of internal data, Common Sense Advisory discovered that the company’s salespeople spent 15 percent of their time translating and adapting English language marketing materials for their clients. By providing product literature in other languages and freeing up salespeople’s time to focus on increasing global sales, the company not only improved productivity but was able to better concentrate on the greater organizational goal of international growth.
Many companies lack the data and in-house expertise to develop a business case for translation.
Contact us to get support.
Only 26 percent of companies can formally measure and calculate the return on their localization investment.

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