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LSP Use of Technology in 2015
by Benjamin B. Sargent, October 29, 2015, 5 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
How do translation providers use the specialized technology of the industry in 2015? Where is each type of system most concentrated? This brief presents data on the use of translation memory (TM), translation management systems (TMS), and machine translation . . .
Amazon Shows a Profit and Invests in Global Growth
by Donald A. DePalma, July 31, 2015, 2 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Commerce sites such as eBay and social media like Facebook have joined Baidu, Google, Microsoft, and Yandex in bringing machine translation technology in-house as they strive to go global with continuous, integrated, and on-brand content. This brief dis . . .
The Language Services Market: 2015
Annual Review of the Translation, Localization, and Interpreting Services and Technology Industry
by Donald A. DePalma, Hélène Pielmeier, Robert G. Stewart, Stephen Henderson, June 30, 2015, 97 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Imagine buying a new car and not being able to decipher the owner's manual because it's in a language you don't read. Or remember the frustration of trying to register at a website form that doesn't recognize your country's postal code format. Think about . . .
The Changing Landscape of the Language Industry
by Donald A. DePalma, May 20, 2015, 7 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
In 1968, Waste Management, Inc. (WM) began an aggressive roll-up of the trash collection business in the United States and Canada, purchasing many small service companies. It disrupted the old mom-and-pop model of small providers, each owning just a few . . .
Insights on Enterprise Translation Automation
How Clients Deploy Translation Technology
by Donald A. DePalma, Fred Hollowood, April 14, 2015, 49 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
As your clients expand globally, they struggle to scale content to a range of products, languages, and platforms. The only way to meet this demand is with technology. In this report, CSA Research explores six scenarios for how buyers automate processes . . .
TMS Customer Satisfaction
How Users Rate TMS Solutions and Their Vendors
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Rebecca Ray, March 31, 2015, 35 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
To date, little research has been available on the level of satisfaction among decision-makers, practitioners, and end-users of TMS solutions. In October 2014, CSA Research surveyed 688 enterprise and supply side users, asking them about a range of customer . . .
Enterprise Translation Automation
Use Cases for Deployment of Translation Technology
by Donald A. DePalma, Fred Hollowood, March 10, 2015, 42 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Many organizations employ technology to manage digital content and its translation. Some rely heavily on tools that vendors provide. Others require partners to use proprietary systems that they have developed themselves or bought from commercial suppliers . . .
Where MT Fits in the Global Customer Experience
by Donald A. DePalma, January 27, 2015, 5 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Is machine translation ready for real-time, customer-facing interactions? CSA Research has found that consumers and business buyers greatly prefer local-language content at every phase of the customer experience (CX). Our surveys also reveal that they . . .
Six Questions to Ask When Rethinking Linguistic QA
by Rebecca Ray, January 01, 2015, 3 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Linguistic quality assurance (QA) continues to be an evergreen topic for buyers of translation and localization services. It remains a frequent source of schedule delays and eats up large portions of language outsourcing budgets. If you are currently . . .
Translation Tools Move from Desktop to Cloudtop
by Benjamin B. Sargent, December 31, 2014, 5 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Translation management tools have grown ever more ambitious, from the first workgroup servers to client/server architectures to web servers to multi-tenant services and elastic cloud deployment. The conception of the translation knowledge worker’s . . .
Top Six Reasons Why LSPs Buy a Second TMS
by Benjamin B. Sargent, December 30, 2014, 5 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Most language service providers use a translation management system (TMS) of one kind or another. Many have two. Some have already moved away from their original deployment into a newer system. Thirty-eight percent of LSP users told us in a recent . . .
MarketFlex for Comprehensive TMS
Evaluating Vendor Solutions for Enterprise Environments
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma, November 24, 2014, 53 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Prospective buyers deserve objective third-party inputs to their own planning process. This MarketFlex™ report adds a new and important level of market research for language technology, equivalent to that afforded to other major software markets . . .
Evaluating the "-ities" for Cloud Deployments
by Donald A. DePalma, November 06, 2014, 2 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Are you considering translation services or tools in the cloud? Many companies are. This brief advises reviewing cloud-based tools not just for translation functions and performance, but also for IT concerns such as reliability, availability, scalability, . . .
Using Proxy Servers to Make Website Globalization Easier
by Donald A. DePalma, October 09, 2014, 7 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
This brief contrasts traditional approaches to website globalization with the localization proxy server alternative. It discusses when you should use a proxy server, outlining the pros and cons of this technology.  . . .
Translation Supply Chain Management
How Enterprise Buyers Manage Their Translation Vendors
by Fred Hollowood, Donald A. DePalma, September 13, 2014, 55 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Outsourced translation is the norm for most organizations, but many struggle with how to manage their external suppliers – especially as they increase the volumes they translate, the number of languages they offer, and the frequency at which they . . .
How Rogue MT Interrupts the Brand Dialogue
by Donald A. DePalma, August 28, 2014, 5 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
As soon as visitors to your website use free online machine translation, they break out of the dialogue that you’ve crafted for them. What they see isn’t under your control – they read machine-translated content that doesn’t accurately . . .
Translation Management Systems for Enterprises and LSPs
TMS Options for Nine Business Scenarios
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma, August 08, 2014, 40 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
The purpose of this report is to clarify the types of  translation management systems (TMS) available today and assist technology buyers in identifying the correct sub-category of system that will best address their particular business case. We discuss . . .
The Language Services Market: 2014
An Annual Review of the Translation, Localization, and Interpreting Services Industry
by Donald A. DePalma, Vijayalaxmi Hegde, Hélène Pielmeier, June 25, 2014, 86 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Our comprehensive study of the market for translation, localization, interpreting and other language services in 2014 includes information on underlying market growth, key trends, fastest-growing services, average revenue per employee, and other critical . . .
Why MT Doesn’t Appeal to Some Buyers
by Vijayalaxmi Hegde, Donald A. DePalma, April 02, 2014, 4 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Ever-growing language needs and tighter budgets put pressure on human-produced translation models. Common Sense Advisory has long contended that machine translation (MT) will be part of the solution for certain types of content, but not all (see “Transformative . . .
Data Leakage from Free Machine Translation
by Donald A. DePalma, Hélène Pielmeier, November 29, 2013, 4 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
The ubiquity and widespread use of free machine translation options present data security challenges to enterprises that otherwise restrict access to privileged content. In this brief, we recount what respondents to Common Sense Advisory’s 2013 . . .
Where Open Source Fits in Language Technology
by Donald A. DePalma, November 29, 2013, 10 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Open-source software has long been an option for translators, language service providers, and enterprises. In this brief, Common Sense Advisory discusses open-source software (OSS) for the language sector, the rationale for developing it, and six OSS . . .
Transformative Translation
Machine Translation Will Change How Companies Provide Information to Global Customers
by Donald A. DePalma, Benjamin B. Sargent, October 25, 2013, 44 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Translation is at a crossroads. The traditional model stresses linguistically perfect output for a small amount of information. Enterprises decide which content is most likely to be required, rendering that into other languages "just in case" someone . . .
The Quality-Availability Debate around MT
by Donald A. DePalma, October 04, 2013, 2 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Common Sense Advisory sees rapidly growing interest in machine translation (MT). However, our most recent survey on the technology found significant discomfort in applying the technology more widely and energetically (see “Human-Enhanced Machine . . .
What Project Managers Wish Technology Did for Them
by Hélène Pielmeier, Vijayalaxmi Hegde, July 30, 2013, 7 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Technology advances have rocked the world of translation project management over the last few decades. In 2013, Common Sense Advisory conducted a survey of 409 project managers (PMs) at 182 language service providers (LSPs) in 52 countries. The full findings . . .
How LSPs Should Pay for Software
TMS Pricing Models Explained
by Benjamin B. Sargent, Donald A. DePalma, July 23, 2013, 36 Pages View abstract  |  Download research
Increasingly, prospective users of translation management systems (TMS) tell Common Sense Advisory that they are confused about pricing models and ask us for help. This report examines the pricing models of 20 active software vendors in the market. After . . .
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