The 12 Scoring Areas for TMS Live

In scoring feature and function completeness for translation management systems, we break the five functional areas out into 12 scoring components as follows:

Functional Area

Scoring Component



Customer management

Collects information about individuals and organizations that request translations.

Finance management

Captures data about amounts to pay or to invoice, aging of payables and receivables, and histories of payments made or collected.

Resource management

Stores information relating to individuals and organizations that serve as actors in a translation workflow.

Project management

Gathers scheduling, assignments, and sequencing data relating to programs, projects, jobs, and tasks.


Workflow design

Creation and editing of workflows; template selection during project setup.

Process management

State management and routing logic once a project is underway; application logic for dynamic process control allowing a project manager to advance, stop, or redirect sub-processes and tasks.


Server-based processing

Pre- and post-processing to prepare files for translation or for delivery to the client; may include TM, MT, and terminology, as well as format locking and automated QA operations.

Translator and reviewer environments

Desktop and/or webtop translation environments for human translators, editors, and in-country reviewers.



Captures, combines, and displays raw data in a way that may be useful for humans doing analysis.

Business process monitoring

Monitors system event logs and applies business logic to generate new system events, including on-screen alerts or email notifications for users.


Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Allows one system to access functions or data housed in a different system; a TMS may need to pull data or content from a different system or allow another system to access its data, content, or operations.

Purpose-built connectors

Serves the same purpose as an API but connects to a particular external system and requires minimal or no additional coding resources to implement.

Functional Areas and Scoring Components in TMS Solutions

Source: Common Sense Advisory, Inc.

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